9/16/12 // 06:46 pm

This journal is now Friends Only.

I'd just like to keep better track of who's reading my journal. However, I love making new friends and so if you're interested please leave a comment to be added :)

If you're looking for my icons, please friend my graphics journal, splashesoflove.
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Books/Movies/TV in 2009

12/31/09 // 11:59 pm

40 Never-Before-Read Books in 2009Collapse )
40 Never-Before-Read Books in 2009Collapse )

Basic Code (snagged from anythingbutgrey)
= loved
+ = liked
/ = was okay
- = didn't like

[2008] Last Year's Record: 29/50 Books

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Books in 2008

12/31/08 // 11:59 pm

As I watch very few movies and am also very bad at keeping track of what television episodes I watch, I'm only listing books this year. Maybe in 2009 I'll start off more organized :)

If you have any recommendations for what I should read next, please feel free to share them here :)

40 Never-Before-Read Books in 2008Collapse )

10 Re-Read Books in 2008Collapse )

Total Read: 29

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To whom it may concern (i.e. You, flist!)

12/29/08 // 05:33 pm

Just dropping in to say hi to everyone! Finals are over, Christmas is over, and my winter break is half over already. But I still have lots of plans of things I want to do before spring semester starts. Hope you are all doing well! I've browsed my flist now and then over the past few weeks and have enjoyed hearing from you all.

Oh, and btw, does anyone out there happen to have the LOTR soundtracks, the complete recordings versions?? I downloaded all three about a year ago and burned them onto CDs and LOVED THEM but I've been scrounging around my house for an hour now and I can't find them! I'm afraid they may have gotten misplaced when I packed everything up for school :( :( Anyway, if any of you have the soundtracks and feel like sharing I would REALLY appreciate it! Oh, and I do have ROTK (thankfully I at least saved one of them on my old computer), but I still would love to have TTT and FOTR.
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It's time.

6/8/08 // 02:30 pm

I'm about to do a small friends cut. It's just....I've been holding off on this long enough and it's time. It's only 3 people. One of them I just don't have much in common with and the other two, as cool as they seem, I don't know, they never comment on my journal (and rarely REPLY to my comments on THEIR journals) and I've just gotten tired of this one-sided relationship thing. So...yeah, it's time.

*rips off the band-aid*

If for some reason you feel you have been unfairly or unjustly removed, let me know and maybe I'll reconsider.

Comments are screened.
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No need to say goodbye

5/26/08 // 10:53 pm

I finally found this song, for those who are interested:

The Call - Regina Spektor (from the Prince Caspian soundtrack)

And also, if you haven't seen it yet (sorry for being a broken record, but I really put a lot into this video and I think I owe it to Charlie to show it to as many people as I can):

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:: You're Beautiful - A Charlie/Claire Music Video ::

5/24/08 // 06:24 pm

Well, here it is. I spent hours and hours on this (much longer than I'd expected), and I poured my heart into it, so I hope that reflects in the finished work at least a little bit.

Fandom: Lost
Created: May 2008
Music: You're Beautiful by James Blunt
Program: Final Cut Pro
Links: You Tube and Putfile.


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5/24/08 // 10:18 am

Yesterday marked the one-year anniversary since Charlie Pace's death on Lost. I've known this date was coming up for a while and I really wanted to do something to commemorate him on the day, but it wasn't until a few days ago that I decided what exactly. Since Thursday I've been scrounging like crazy to finish a music video for him. I'd planned on posting it on the actual day, yesterday, but it's taking way longer than expected so I probably won't get it posted until this afternoon (it's rendering the files that takes so bloody long). Ah well, better late than never, yes?

And speaking of Charlie/Dom....who knew Dom did a Kodak commercial in 1996? I sure didn't:

Heheh, ahhh, the 90s.

Kay, back to tweaking the contrast on this vid's images.

Oh, also, if you haven't, you definitely need to check out sapphire_child's Charlie Pace Fanmix. It is....beautiful.
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4/10/08 // 10:00 pm

[40] Dominic Monaghan (10 Monaboyd)
[10] Ellen Page
[30] Kate Walsh (10 Addison Montgomery)
[20] Elizabeth Mitchell

( Why don't you open up your eyes, these are more than passing glances; 100 icons )

Grey's Anatomy, Dominic Monaghan and Lost icons

3/31/08 // 03:15 pm

[10] Grey's Anatomy: 02x21 - Superstitious
[24] Dominic Monaghan
[21] Lost: 04x04 - Eggtown
[15] Lost: Various Season 1 (mainly Charlie with a hint of Hurley and Claire)

( I'm so tired of being lonely, I still have some love to give; 70 icons )
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